EY Credit Management & Consultancy Services: full service in the field of Credit Management.

EY CMC Credit Management is a full service organization both nationally and internationally very active in all facets of the discipline specialist. The personal approach and years of experience guarantee a tailor-performance solution.

EY CMC offers the following services: 

  • Arrears Preventive
  • Arrears Credit Collection
  • Face to face negotiation
  • Credit Management Consultancy
  • Legal Services
  • Credit Management Training

We understand that every business has a different collection requirement…

Our 14 years of experience has taught us that one size does not fit all. Some customers use the range of services we have developed to outsource their credit management in its entirety. Others select service elements that best complement their own. That's the advantage of our approach.

As to which of our services will be of most benefit to your business? - there's only one way to find out. Call us on (+31) 06 243 10 537 for an initial 10 minute chat to see how Close Credit Management can help you.

How can we help you?
Our experience tells us that a common problem businesses face is how to balance the effectiveness of their collections processes with the pressure to drive costs down.

Our clients know that from our credit management efforts in different areas in Europe, our experiences with collection make us an ideal outsource partner. Supported by delivering exemplary collections performance, everything we do is designed specifically to fit their needs and reduce their costs

What are the benefits?
"Our clients enjoy cost savings of 20-30% by outsourcing some, or all, of their collections processes to us".

How can we help you?
Our 14 years experience tells us every business suffers from escalating arrears levels at some stage. It also makes us experts in designing procedures to overcome these issues for our clients.
Whether working as a "champion challenge" or implementing additional techniques, our aim is simple - to collect as much as possible - as quickly as possible - as efficiently as possible to increase revenue and reduce costs.

What are the benefits?
"Collecting in excess of £100 million a month for existing clients, we attract and retain customers through our commitment to excellent collections performance"

How can we help you?
We regularly work with clients on short term projects specifically designed to clean up portfolios of aged debt. Utilising the full range of collection tools at our disposal, we work quickly to maximise returns within an agreed timescale.
Through adopting this approach it enables you to resolve your backlog of aged debt, whilst allowing your own internal collections teams to focus on "business-as-usual" activities.

What are the benefits?
"One of our most recent cleanup projects resulted in us collecting €4 million of aged debt from a total portfolio of €5 million in just 3 months".


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EY CMC Credit Management & Consultancy
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T:+31 (0)62 43 10 537
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